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What is The Future of Mobile App Development in 2024

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Jan 4, 2024

By Biplob Hossen


In the dynamic landscape of mobile app development, the year 2024 promises to bring forth innovative trends that will shape the industry's future. As smartphones continue to dominate our daily lives, staying ahead with the latest technologies is crucial for businesses looking to create standout mobile applications. Let's delve into the anticipated trends and advancements that will define the future of mobile app development.

The Current State of Mobile App Development: With an impressive 28 billion apps downloaded from the Google Play Store and 7.9 million from the App Store in 2021, mobile app usage is at an all-time high. Consumers in the US are projected to spend over $34 million on apps, underscoring the significance of this digital trend. As more businesses embrace mobile apps to stay competitive, the need for unique features and exceptional attributes becomes imperative.

Because cellphones are so commonplace these days, it's simple to overlook newly released mobile applications. Since the 1970s, when the first mobile phone was released, mobile app development has seen numerous variations and profoundly altered our way of life. With the advent of AI, VR, and other technologies that are changing the direction of mobile app development trends every day, mobile app trends are significantly changing.

Have you ever considered how the current developments in mobile app development may affect the use of mobile applications in the future?

Let's explore what Mobile App Development Will Look Like in 2024 and Beyond.

Mobile Application Development & Its Latest Updates

It's interesting to note that in 2021 consumers downloaded 7.9 million apps from the App Store and 28 billion apps from the Google Play Store (Source: Statista; Q1, 2021). Furthermore, because of the ongoing developments in mobile apps, it is anticipated that US customers would spend over $34 million on apps through app stores. Globally, there are more than 7 billion app users. They also download between thirty and thirty-five apps to their phones.

In fact, they don't utilize all of these apps, and they remove them when they become unresponsive or cause the phone to operate more slowly. However, because people adore mobile apps, nothing can stop the industry's growth in the mobile app development sector. Remarkably, in this digital age of intense competition, businesses both large and small have begun to promote their mobile apps as the perfect means of growing their operations.

Thus, app development has a bright future ahead of it, and businesses are putting more of an emphasis on releasing mobile apps with unique features and qualities. Therefore, it is imperative to launch an app that is unique from the competition. To be competitive, your startup or business must use the newest trends and technologies. They also need to adhere to a successful app development plan, as this may assist you in creating a mobile application that is useful for the expansion of your organization.

Keep reading to know more about the importance of mobile apps for users these days.

Significance of Mobile Apps for Users

Users find it easy to hook to your app if you have introduced a mobile app for your online business.

Here’s the significance of mobile apps these days.

  • Helpful: Indeed, your app can offer features like any other app on the app store. However, you need to figure out things your app misses. Then, try adding these features to make your app handy for the users.
  • Practical: Design an app with unique features and purpose. It is imperative to design an app after considering your users’ needs and requirements. Therefore, your app must focus on significant components.
  • Engaging: No one can deny the significance of a first impression, and your app is not an exception here. Try introducing an exciting app (especially the initial screen) as it’s the perfect way to attract your potential users.
  • Speedy With Good Performance: Users like an app that installs quickly and performs well. That’s why; your app should focus on this aspect too.

Hiring an expert mobile app developer can help you identify an effective mob app monetizing strategy. That’s why; hire experts and let them design the app for your company, as the future of app development relies on them.

Future of Mobile App Development in 2024 & Beyond

We are introducing some mobile app trends changing everyone’s life in 2022 and beyond.

• Integration of Internet of Things and Clouds

Two examples of developing technologies are IoT and cloud computing. Specifically, cloud computing acts as a front-end to facilitate IoT. Its primary idea is to provide users with the ability to do computer tasks by utilizing online resources. The convergence of cloud and IoT offers countless advantages. For example, they simplify data processing and storage for consumers. Furthermore, by lowering the cost of hosting, they enhance cooperation and productivity.

• AI in The Future of Mobile Applications

AI is expected to remain a prominent mobile app trend in the years to come, ranking among the most popular in 2022. By introducing personalized app experiences based on users' needs and requirements, it streamlines the app development process. It is anticipated that the revenue from AI will reach approximately $80 billion by 2023, or $250 per person in the US. More AI apps are anticipated to be developed as a result of consumer demand (using machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis). Additionally, these apps will offer alluring features like text classification, image classification, face recognition, image recognition, etc.

• Swift Programming Language

For all the right reasons, the Swift programming language is the way of the future for creating apps. For this reason, it's widely regarded as a mobile app trend that lowers costs and speeds up app development. Swift is now the primary tool used by app developers to create mobile apps. Even developers who are not familiar with these features will be able to understand some of the unique features introduced by this language.

• AR & VR

In 2024, it is anticipated that mixed marketing, AR, and VR will bring in $300 billion. Up until 2026, AR and VR will transform how mobile games operate. Since AR and VR make ticket purchasing, viewing, playing minigames, and trading easier for users, they have already begun to replace PCs.

• 5G Technology

The development of mobile apps could undergo a complete transformation thanks to the capabilities of 5G wireless technology. In fact, 5G is bringing extraordinary speed and holding the keys to an opulent life very soon. In addition, the introduction of 3D gaming is a component of 5G. Users adore using it because of this.

Mobile App Development is the Key to Your Business Success

It is clear from the discussion above that there are a number of apparent reasons why mobile app trends are shifting quickly. The quickest way to make your startup or company stand out online is to introduce a mobile app, so you should definitely give it some thought.


In the rapidly evolving world of mobile app development, the trends anticipated for 2024 present exciting opportunities and challenges. Businesses that aspire to succeed must leverage these trends to create mobile applications that not only meet user expectations but also stand out in a fiercely competitive market. For those seeking expert guidance in crafting cutting-edge mobile applications, DEVxHUB stands ready with a dedicated app development team poised to bring your business vision to life. As the digital future unfolds, embracing these trends will be paramount for sustained success in the realm of mobile app development.

You can contact DEVxHUB as our app development team can help you design an app that best represents your business.

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