Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a customer at DEVxHUB ?

Anyone here can be a customer for our all IT Services.

How can we do the order ?

Please visit our service pages and follow the order system. If you have any problems, just contact us.

How do we finish a job ?

Define requirements, plan project, develop software, test thoroughly, document, deploy, train users, review, support, close project.

How do we make payments ?

We're open for any sorts of payment system to be paid. For example: Payoneer,,,, Direct Bank Transfer, Wire, Debit/Credit card etc.

How do we get support ?

Please open our support ticket page and complete the form - then submit it.

How we get instant support ?

At first, submit your ticket in our support ticket page. Then let us know by phone.

Can we get monthly or yearly support ?

Yes, of course. But for that, you have to contact with us.

Do you have any Questions?